A Multi PD Fast Charging Cable for transferring data and charging with the Type C to Type C (MAX 60W) / Type C to Lightning (MAX 22.5W) / USB to Lightning (MAX 12W) / USB to Type C (MAX 60W) This cable has 5 adjustable lengths 20cm/40cm/60cm/80cm/100cm with a case made from ABS and High cable_description

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Days Hours Minutes 28W Travel Adapter (5-Port) HK$178.00 HK$238.00 Shop Now iPhone 13 Series Leather Case (MagSafe Compatible) HK$164.00 HK$328.00 Shop Now iPhone 12 Series Leather Case  HK$78.00 HK$248.00 Shop Now 42-45,49mm – Quaint Cattle Leather Band HK$128.00 HK$298.00 Shop Now C1032 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank (Magsafe Compatible) HK$288.00 HK$468.00 Shop Now CX50 5000mAh Magnetic Cart Additional Block